What to make of the Bills’ recent “old friends” additions at WR?


The Buffalo Bills scored a touchdown on 4 of 38 (10.5%) second half drives since the Week 7 bye.Shout out to Rich Hribar at This one is the latest stats geek Thursday fantasy football predictions. Josh Allens The scoring unit has fallen well short of recent expectations. The lack of scoring in the second half really shows how slogged some of their games have been.

There are many possible causes for Bills’ recent slump. However, the bill has seen multiple moves over the past few weeks, suggesting it may be a personnel issue.

Brandon Beane has done one of the best team builds of the last decade. However, his attempts to move wide receiver room into a new phase were unsuccessful. Bills has taught us a lot by re-signing his old friend John Brown When Cole Beasley the past few weeks.

Bean and his friends wanted Gabe Davis Was going to intervene as any down, starting level wideout Stefon DiggsIt’s not happening.they were strong Isaiah Mackenzie I was planning on going from a kick returner to a full timeslot receiver.

It’s not happening either.

The Bills’ brass hoped that legitimately strong flashes of Davis and Mackenzie from 2021 would be just a stepping stone on the road to great results as a starter.

Davis is an excellent deep threat. However, he fails to separate well in his area from short to middle of the field and does not bring enough consistent hands to offset these problems. Route driving is important. Mackenzie failed to make the transition to a full-field NFL root tree after gaining looks as a gadget man last year, two of his quality NFL rolls his player, but neither He’s playing one or two pegs above his most comfortable level.

The Buffalo offense has two consistent players in Allen and Diggs. Fantasy people feel it. There’s little logical reason to be bullish about anyone other than Allen/Diggs Bills heading into Round 1 of the fantasy football playoffs. This far exceeds our preseason expectations for this unit. If fantasy managers feel that way, they know the Bills’ coaching staff is under pressure.

Who knows if Beasley or Brown will be able to recapture the old Bills forms, or, frankly, be big contributors. is. Last year, Brown flew across multiple teams. Beasley retired earlier this year. Their mere presence shows that Buffalo wants more than they’re getting from pass catchers other than Diggs on this team.

Isaiah McKenzie and Gabe Davis don’t offer much congratulations to fantasy managers this season. (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

Let me be clear, I’m not here to be a Bills apocalyptic preacher. For all the doom and gloom I’m spewing, this offense can still win a Super Bowl and be a great unit in this iteration. Ranked 10th in Dropback EPA.

More importantly, they won 5-2.sky far from falling.

The Allen-Diggs elite combination is good enough to take the win, if not blow the team down like it did earlier in the season.

If anything, I’m more concerned with the long-term health and performance of the offensive line, which is rapidly eroding in playoff games, than the receiver. It could be argued that the addition of quick separating players like Brown and Beasley helped alleviate that problem as well.

What we’re seeing is an amazing team trying to figure it out on the fly. Bill has built the type of ecosystem that gives you confidence that they can find those answers. What’s clear is that whatever the plans, or your predictions for the season, things just aren’t going that way.

The Falcons average just 23.1 pass attempts per game.

The Falcons will change their starting quarterback this week. Will it cause them to change their aggressive approach? I’m not holding my breath

Arthur Smith finally benched Marcus Mariota and install rookie desmond ridder at quarterback. No one knows how good Ridder is—Draft he can find takes on both sides of the spectrum during the season—but seeing what he has in store is a thing of the past. Mariota wasn’t giving them enough.

When an inaccurate turnover-prone quarterback is leading such a low-volume pass attack, the margin of error in predicting the pass catcher is zero.

I hope Ridder manages the ball and does what I keep and does some very strong route combinations and play designs by Smith. The bones of the offense do not change dramatically until the quarterback dictates such changes. Ridder may be that guy, but it’s unlikely he’ll get the first start.

For those of us who want a strong finish drake london, it’s all about improving the efficiency/accuracy of the overall attack.or intention It brings more individual trading volume to London in terms of target share. London is open on a massive route, and Mariota didn’t read the play to get to him.

Jerry Jeudy posted 25.3% Fantasy Points in Week 14 of the season.

Jerry Jeudy may be the most misunderstood wide receiver in the NFL.

After he graduated from college, he was billed as a great route runner. Never seen that player in the NFL so far. He’s not a bad separator by any means, but I think his overall ability as a route runner is overstated. This shows in his very high 4.7 yards/route run vs. his coverage. However, the resulting (only 60 routes) vs. men’s annual coverage is inflated by a handful of big plays.

Even the Costco-style (shipped in bulk) of his products speaks for itself. He’s the same as another former Alabama receiver. Amari Cooper on this.

We’ll see how Judy stitches together the final chapter of the season. Courtland Sutton sit. There’s hardly enough goodness in the Broncos offense to feed one receiver consistently.

Jared Goff has a 59.4 passer rate under pressure this year, according to the PFF.

For All Flowers Jared Goff The Lions’ offense has taken a hit lately, and this week’s Week 15 spot on the road in a cold environment against one of the best defenses in the NFL feels like a classic comedown spot.

This is the fun part of this latest Gough discourse. We know exactly who this guy is! There are movies of him that go back many years.

Behind a great offensive line with quality skill-positioned players around him, the fact that he’s playing well in good shape isn’t surprising. It would be equivalent if you played a match of WhenAmazing.

If Goff were to go to New York and carve out this great Jets Stop unit, we could have a conversation. If he does what you’ve been doing, you can’t pretend to be shocked.

jet pass rate in Zach Wilson: 52% vs 69% (Mike White/Joe Flacco)

Jets offense and play-call disparity with Zach Wilson And their former No. 2 pick overall is impressive. Wilson’s effectiveness is almost a secondary concern for projecting a pass catcher on this offense, and it’s so nasty it’s saying something.Garrett Wilson is still a highly desirable WR2 and Elijah Moore is still a sleeper play in good matchups after running routes with 83% of dropbacks over the past two weeks.

However, when White was left out, it sucked some of the juice out of the upper range of results for all of these people.

No quarterback has returned to passing like Justin Herbert this year

He is the only quarterback north of 600. The Chargers have an ideal matchup this weekend to keep the good vibes going.

The Titans’ run defense is such an elite unit that teams have essentially given up on running the ball against them. Tennessee has allowed the second-most passing yards and fourth-highest passer rating since Week 10.

Herbert and his top two wideouts are in great position in Week 15. You can expect it. thank you austin You can also clear at least 8 catches.

The Giants have allowed 48 explosive plays since Week 10 (tied for most).

They played man coverage at the highest rate in that span (44%) — 10% more than anyone else. That’s part of the problem.

Wink Martindale’s defense always comes with a “live by the sword, die by the sword” mentality. They die far more often these days than they live. A lack of backend talent led to leaks in the secondary, and Martindale set back the aggressive Blitz package somewhat.

Washington has a knack for capitalizing on favorable matchups in the secondary, but it may not be their top priority.

New York has allowed 5.2 yards per carry since Week 10, ranking 31st in allowed rushing EPA totals.We know Washington has been very busy since then. taylor heinicke Take over, they’re winning the game.this looks like another big one Brian Robinson week.

The Rams have allowed 3.8 yards per carry since Week 10.

The Rams haven’t done very well this year. But their run defense is top notch. Now, that’s a reality that may speak to just how much the elite run-stop unit really swings the needle in the NFL today, but it nonetheless remains a strength of the withering team.

This makes the Week 15 matchup against the Packers very interesting. Green Bay’s potency as a run offense is a bit exaggerated, but they’re finishing the game before a bye that ran all over Chicago.

Can’t expect that to be repeated for LA.

The Packers’ victory depends on the passing game. Aaron Jones It could be the majority of it, but look for Christian Watson To remain a big focus for downfield attacks.Do not underestimate the return of Romeo Dubs Also. While he’s not as talented or flashy as his fellow rookie wideout, Dubs is a reliable scramble option that can win even in the vertical game.

I am very fascinated to see how the passing game is split between these two rookies, who are essentially playing together for the first time since Watson’s breakout.

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