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The World Cup is in a thrilling buildup on Sunday, with Argentina and France battling it out for football’s top prize. But when history looks back at his 2022 Qatar Games, who and what will this tournament be remembered for?

Best player of the tournament, best young player, best manager performance? Who was disappointed and didn’t live up to expectations? Please read…


i’m going with you Lionel MessiBetween Kylian Mbappe and Messi, but Mbappe is in a much better team, so I’m going with Messi.

There are some great players around Mbappe, but those around Messi are of a good standard, but not on the same level. Messi is obviously not the player he was 10 years ago because of his age, but he delivers incredible moments with assists and goals in a second or two.

No player has scored more goals or assists than Lionel Messi in Qatar 2022

The rest of the Argentinian players support Messi with incredible tenacity and spirit. I think whoever wins on Sunday will be the champion of the tournament.

young players in competition

England’s Jude Bellingham. In terms of quality performances, Spain’s Gabi and Pedri were as good as we’ve seen in this tournament, but lacked the cutting edge, killer instincts and ruthlessness to win his match by knockout. rice field.

i’m going with you Julian Alvarez, stood out in Argentina. His performance in the World Cup semi-final against Croatia, his great team, was outstanding.

Julian Alvarez celebrates doubling Argentina's advantage over Poland
Julian Alvarez scored four goals in the World Cup

Alvarez has become a really important player for Messi. It wasn’t really happening to him when he was playing with Lautaro Martinez early in the tournament, but Alvarez has come out on top in the last few games and his work with Messi and around Noteworthy. He’s a bright spark and he’s on the same wavelength as Messi.

the best manager

Must be the Moroccan manager. Walid Lelagi Tournament manager.

Morocco head coach Walid Regragui thrown by players after 1-0 win over Portugal in World Cup quarter-finals
Waleed Legragi takes Morocco to a historic semi-final

Obviously, he just came in and has only played eight games with the team. His performance against France was excellent. His three defensives they named in his eleven in the starting lineup. Considering what I was playing, it was really breathtaking.

They weren’t enough, but he’s definitely the manager of the tournament. Whatever happens on Sunday, Morocco reaching the semi-finals is the story of the tournament.

I walked away from the England vs France game thinking England was better than France, but from Morocco vs France thinking Morocco was better than England! it was great.

biggest minor

There was great disappointment in Germany’s elimination in the group stage and Brazil’s elimination in the quarter-finals. With the players they have, they should have crossed the line.

Kevin De Bruyne depressed
Belgium failed to advance through the group stage

But I’m going to Belgium. They were the team that disappointed me the most. The way they were eliminated, the communications from the camp didn’t feel right.

I think Belgium fell in love with each other. The years together made things a little stale and sometimes required a breakup. After doing my best the day before the game, something unexpected happened from the camp. Imagine how that made other players in the group feel.

We knew that if Belgium started talking like that, it would be very difficult for Roberto Martinez to put them in a good space.

Is Ronaldo underperforming?

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Gary Neville wants Cristiano Ronaldo to find a team in the Premier League and believes the striker wasn’t the reason Portugal lost to Morocco in the World Cup semi-finals.

Cristiano Ronaldo will feel he didn’t achieve after Portugal’s elimination.Argentina came around Messi as a group and showed his strengths.Fernando Santos and Portugal did the same with Ronaldo. I would have. I feel like something happened in the tournament that changed those plans.

Leave Ronaldo out and it’s a global story. At the end, I felt sorry for Cristiano, who was walking through the tunnel in tears. He knows he will never play in this tournament again, so it’s never a good image.

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Gary Neville feels Lionel Messi’s case in the World Cup final is considered the greatest ever should not be defined, it’s a matter of taste and that’s why he prefers Cristiano Ronaldo is said to be

I do not intend to classify it as Cristiano’s underachievement. warm.


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